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School teaches us a lot of things but also tells us a lot of wrong things too. Below are some lies your history and science teachers taught you: know the facts!

7. Diamonds are shaped from compressed charcoal

Stone-cold women who committed brutal murders

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Left: Kristen Gilbert, Middle: Aileen Wuornos, Right: Juana Barraza, Photo Source: AP News

Ambition, mental problems, and trauma from the past led to these women committing a series of brutal murders… These are their stories!

When we talk about serial killers, almost all cases involve men. However, there are women who also have committed multiple murderers, for twisted and brutal motifs.

Among the most notorious cases of serial killers, we have Aileen Wuornos, born on February 28, 1956. Aileen was a sex worker, who was convicted of the murder of six men between 1989 and 1990.

According to Wuornos, who was declared guilty, the crimes had been in self-defense after the men had raped or beat her, although she later retracted that confession. Aileen was sentenced to death and she received the lethal injection in 2002. …

Mysteries that will creep you out!

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Malaysia Flight 370. Photo Source: Wikipedia

These unsolved mysteries are among the creepiest known to date: prepare to feel the hairs on your neck stand up!

1. The incident at the Dyatlov Pass

Disasters that nearly wiped us out

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Image: José-Luis Olivares/MIT

We are done with 2020, and still, none of the “predicted” apocalypses has “killed us,” however, not many know that during the history of humanity we have been overwhelmed a couple of times by disastrous events, both natural and man-made.

Over the centuries and millennia, we have come very close to the total extinction of our species from the face of the Earth, but in one way or another, we have managed to survive.

The global pandemic called “the black death” or “the bubonic plague” was perhaps the greatest biological disaster known to the world but many do not know that this plague had brought us to the brink of extinction more than once. …

The mystery of Bruce Lee’s death continues

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Bruce Lee. Photo Source:

Bruce Lee, the most famous martial arts movie actor of all time, passed away at the tender age of 32 from a cause so strange that it keeps arising speculation 47 years after it happened.

It is surely the most contested autopsy in popular culture. Cerebral edema. That is the official and earthly cause of Bruce Lee’s death on July 20, 1973. However, 47 years later, the mystery continues. The first and most explosive martial arts star lived as a myth and transcended as a legend, so the world seems unable to accept that he died from an allergic reaction to aspirin. …

Two bloodthirsty monsters

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Picture Source: Wikipedia

In early 1933, the cold-blooded murder of two women by their maids shook France and fascinated intellectuals.

“I went down to the kitchen and got a hammer and a knife.” The testimony is from one of the Papin sisters, two monsters of relentless cruelty, or “two bloodthirsty monsters,” as described by chroniclers. On February 2, 1933, in the French city of Le Mans, these sisters murdered a mother and daughter in their home, where they stayed and worked.

Much has been written about the case, appearing in the book The Most Famous Cases of Psychosis (Barcelona, ​​Paidós, 2001). The newspapers of the time followed the event with discomfort and, once sentenced, they sighed in relief and proceeded to bury the Papin sisters’ tale. …

The Mexican drug lord’s daring prison breaks

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Picture Source: Aljazeera

Joaquín Guzmán Loera “El Chapo” was the leader of the Sinaloa Cartel, becoming the most wanted drug trafficker from Mexico for more than two decades. Federal authorities tracked down Guzmán, and in 1993, made the first of three arrests, of which he was able to escape twice, thus lengthening his capture by 23 years. Below is the count of the arrests and escapes of the Chapo.

1993: Capture in Guatemala

He was captured for the first time on June 9, 1993, in Guatemala.

El Chapo had gone to that country to escape from the police persecution that had been unleashed against him and his gang when Cardinal Juan Jesús Posadas Ocampo died on May 24, 1993, during a shooting between the cartels at the Guadalajara airport. …

Errors that resulted in shocking losses

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Photo Source: Wikipedia

Some of the worst disasters in history are a result of benign human errors. A typing fault, a design and communication error, or a little negligence can make you to lose a fortune, not to mention the human losses and the ecological impacts.

Here are the 13 most expensive mistakes in history.

1. The Ariane 5 Explosion: a colossal loss due to a computer science error

The facts not many people know

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Image: Wikipedia

Often at school, teachers are forced to concentrate on the more “classic” history program, leaving out very amusing details and curiosities that end up in oblivion. Not only that, scientists and researchers discover new things every day that often completely revolutionize what we have read and studied so far. Does the “Trojan horse” which, according to a naval archaeologist, would actually have been a Phoenician ship tell you anything?

Below are 10 oddities and historical facts they don’t teach you in school.

10. The paintings of Adolf Hitler

The most immoral medical research in American history

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Picture Source: Wikipedia

Between 1932 and 1972, 600 people from Macon County, in the southern United States, were part of one of the most unethical and controversial medical experiments of 20th-century history

The infamous Tuskegee Experiment was one of the most regrettable episodes in American history, in particular, and medicine in general. Developed between 1932 and 1972 in the southern town of Tuskegee (Alabama), it made use of 600 African American sharecroppers as guinea pigs to study the development of syphilis from its initial stages to death. At the end of the research, 28 participants had died from the disease and another 100 from complications related to it. …


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