Why was he so angry?

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Christopher Dorner. Photo by LAPD

On February 3, 2013, former LAPD officer, Christopher Dorner, shot and killed Monica Quan and her fiancé Keith Lawrence. This incident led to one of the largest manhunts in LAPD history.

Christopher Dorner was born June 4, 1979, in New York. He spent his childhood living in Los Angeles and attended elementary school at Norwalk Christian School from first to seventh grade.

He stated in a published manifesto that he was the only African American student at Norwalk Christian School, where he encountered many racial issues with his peers and was raised in neighborhoods with very few black people. …

Weeks of bottled up anger led to the murder

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Cynthia Cdebaca. Image Source: Fox5sandiego

On 11 February 2014, Cynthia Cdebaca was preparing to go to her granddaughter's spelling bee but was barred from going by her son-in-law because of the clothes she wore. That led to Cynthia doing the unthinkable.

The Family Quarrel

When Cynthia Cdebaca suffered a stroke, her daughter (Laura Salinas) agreed to let her stay at a granny flat attached to the house she shared with her husband (Geoward Eustequio). This move would allow Laura to nurse her mum back to health.

But inside the expensive house in Fallbrook, California, was a very unhappy family. …

It was plotted by a Bieber Superfan who’s a convicted killer

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Dana Martin, Mark Staake, Tanner Ruane. Image Credit: FoxNews

Convicted murderer and rapist, Dana Martin, who’s super obsessed with the Canadian singer, hired a former inmate, Mark Staake, and his nephew, Tanner Ruane, to stalk and kill Bieber while he visited New York for a sold-out concert at Madison Square Garden.

Martin was imprisoned for the 2000 murder and rape of a 15-year-old girl in Vermont. During his time behind bars, he developed an obsession with Bieber, even tattooed the pop star’s image on his leg.

Martin had heard that Bieber and Ellen DeGeneres were close friends, so he wrote dozens of handwritten letters to Bieber, sending them to DeGeneres’ Studio in the hope that DeGeneres would pass them on to the star. …

Important things every dog owner should know!

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Photo by Victor Grabarczyk on Unsplash

Dogs are man’s best friend, they make us feel less lonely, and bring happiness to our lives. To many people, Dogs are as important as any member of their family. But the unfortunate reality is that dog owners unintentionally harm their dogs. We all make mistakes; we only human.

However, when you don’t realize what the errors are, it’s hard to learn from them and make the environment a safe one for your pets. As a dog owner, you must stay vigilant as some things that seem benign are potentially fatal. What are they? …

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Photo by Nina Uhlíková on Pexels

You get to choose if your day is going to be like every other day or if it’s going to be a great day.

You decide first thing in the morning by giving yourself that time to realign your brain to think positivity, to redirect your mind to what is good in your life right now.

Start Your Day With Intention

Today I will be present, I will be kind, I will be the example I expect of others, I will give my all in every moment.

Direct Your Focus To The Good

You will see more good if your focus is directed to good and not to the stress and struggle. …

Try not to laugh!

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Photo by Snapwire on Pexels

Today I’m telling you 8 Funny Camping Festival Stories — 1 from every festival I’ve attended in the last couple of years. I hope you enjoy reading these stories as much as I enjoyed writing about it.


I managed to lose my smartphone battery during a band performance and could not find it anywhere. The next morning, one of our campmates wanted to trade his cell phone battery for my sunglasses, but I said no. I visited my friend’s campsite to ask them if they had found anything. …

Short Reads

Her husband hired hitmen to kill her.

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Noela Rukundo was in complete shock when she heared her husband yelling over the phone “Kill her” while she was blindfolded, and tied to a chair. Her husband hired hitmen to kill her, but things didn’t quite end the way the evil husband had hoped.

Noela had received news that her stepmother, who was sick for some time had passed away. Noela had to fly back home to pay her last respects to her.

Noela arrived back in her native Burundi for her stepmother’s funeral, and while laying in her hotel bed after an emotionally taxing day, she felt low, so her husband (Balenga Kalala) told her to get some fresh air. …

How you spend your time will shape your future

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Photo by Toa Heftiba Şinca on Pexels

Ever since I graduated from high school I have been super lazy. I used to read a lot during my teenage years, but in my early Twenties, reading a book, and doing some important work was a struggle. I preferred to play video games and binge-watch my favorite TV shows instead.

So what went wrong, why was I so unmotivated to do hard work, even though I knew it will make me money and improve my quality of life. The answer to that is dopamine.

See, whenever we do something that’s fun, that’s gonna give us a reward we want more of it, that’s because your brain produces more dopamine every time you do those rewarding activities. …

And almost got away with It

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Matthew Neumann. Photo Credit: CBS 58

Imagine you're at work, and then your boss suddenly shows up and starts shooting at you. That was the horrific last moments of Richard Conklin. He was shot and burned by Franklin business owner Matthew Neumann. His co-worker Robert Hadjuk was also killed and burned by Neumann, though prosecutors are uncertain when, were, and how he was killed.

The two Milwaukee employees were reported missing between Jan. 2 and 3, not long after spending time with Neumann at his commercial cleaning business ‘Spot Free Cleaning” according to police.

A few days later the remains of the two men that were burned beyond recognition, were found in a fire pit on hunting property that Neumann leased in Walworth County. …

A simple lifestyle reduces stress and benefits your health

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Photo by Alexas Fotos on Pexels

“You have succeeded in life when all you really want is only what you really need.” — Vernon Howard

I have been living a minimalist lifestyle ever since the Covid-19 lockdown. The whole situation forced me to make use of what I have, become more self-sufficient, and try to boost my productivity at home. Since being a minimalist, my life has changed in many ways, I now feel less overwhelmed, I’m more driven to do daily tasks, and I have more time to do the things that I love.

Adopting a minimalists lifestyle is not as hard as you think. You just have to have a positive mindset, and be determined to change how you live your day to day life. …


Jayden Yugie

Love writing about True Crime, Tech, Productivity, Business, and Mental health

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