Albert Einstein’s brain was stolen and chopped into tiny pieces

Thomas Harvey was a pathologist born in 1912 who would go down in history for directing the autopsy of Albert Einstein … and for stealing his brain. However, this all began with Albert Einstein’s death. The most famous physicist in history passed away on April 18, 1955, at 76 years…

Know the facts!

School teaches us a lot of things but also tells us a lot of wrong things too. Below are some lies your history and science teachers taught you: know the facts!

7. Diamonds are shaped from compressed charcoal

Stone-cold women who committed brutal murders

Ambition, mental problems, and trauma from the past led to these women committing a series of brutal murders… These are their stories!

When we talk about serial killers, almost all cases involve men. However, there are women who also have committed multiple murderers, for twisted and brutal motifs.

Among the…

Mysteries that will creep you out!

These unsolved mysteries are among the creepiest known to date: prepare to feel the hairs on your neck stand up!

1. The incident at the Dyatlov Pass

Disasters that nearly wiped us out

We are done with 2020, and still, none of the “predicted” apocalypses has “killed us,” however, not many know that during the history of humanity we have been overwhelmed a couple of times by disastrous events, both natural and man-made.

Over the centuries and millennia, we have come very close…

The mystery of Bruce Lee’s death continues

Bruce Lee, the most famous martial arts movie actor of all time, passed away at the tender age of 32 from a cause so strange that it keeps arising speculation 47 years after it happened.

It is surely the most contested autopsy in popular culture. Cerebral edema. That is the…

Two bloodthirsty monsters

In early 1933, the cold-blooded murder of two women by their maids shook France and fascinated intellectuals.

“I went down to the kitchen and got a hammer and a knife.” The testimony is from one of the Papin sisters, two monsters of relentless cruelty, or “two bloodthirsty monsters,” as described…

The Mexican drug lord’s daring prison breaks

Joaquín Guzmán Loera “El Chapo” was the leader of the Sinaloa Cartel, becoming the most wanted drug trafficker from Mexico for more than two decades. Federal authorities tracked down Guzmán, and in 1993, made the first of three arrests, of which he was able to escape twice, thus lengthening his…

Errors that resulted in shocking losses

Some of the worst disasters in history are a result of benign human errors. A typing fault, a design and communication error, or a little negligence can make you to lose a fortune, not to mention the human losses and the ecological impacts. …

The facts not many people know

Often at school, teachers are forced to concentrate on the more “classic” history program, leaving out very amusing details and curiosities that end up in oblivion. Not only that, scientists and researchers discover new things every day that often completely revolutionize what we have read and studied so far. …

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